WORLD VILLAGE GOSPEL CHOIR presents CHANGE THE WORLD (ONE SONG AT A TIME), an uplifting musical response to the challenges of our times.

WVGC Co-Director Neil Weisensel: “In a world recently fuelled by expressions of nationalism and intolerance, we would like to offer up an alternate vision: an affirmation that diversity makes us stronger, that inclusivity is more important than exclusion, and that celebrating our shared humanity will bring us to a better understanding of each other.”

CHANGE THE WORLD (ONE SONG AT A TIME) will be presented at 2 p.m. Saturday April 22nd at Knox United Church, 400 Edmonton St. Admission is $15 at the door or $12 online (, kids under 12 free.

At this high energy event, the 60 voices of WORLD VILLAGE GOSPEL CHOIR will present gospel tunes of celebration and praise and lively world music songs speaking of cooperation and harmony. Highlights include Asimbonanga by South African activist Johnny Clegg, a new arrangement of O Canada in celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday and Jamil Allah, a song in Arabic celebrating the faith of our Muslim brothers and sisters, a song that may be of particular interest for refugees who are expected to attend through a collaboration with Welcome Place and the South Osborne Syrian Initiative (a partnership between Churchill Park United Church and the surrounding community).  If you or someone you know is sponsoring refugees, we can provide free tickets to both sponsors and refugees. Contact information is below, please RSVP for tickets.

Founded in 2012 by co-directors Rachel Landrecht and Neil Weisensel, the mission of WORLD VILLAGE GOSPEL CHOIR is to create a supportive and inclusive community that enables each singer to express their true, free voice. We strive to create music that brings joy to both singer and audience and to illuminate the power and interconnectedness of our shared human experience. For more information please call 204.284.3684 or email

(Les entretiens sont aussi disponible en Français.)