Released 01 June 2015

Produced by Neil Weisensel and Rachel Landrecht

Rachel Landrecht is a consummate performer whose presence, versatility and vocal beauty put her in a class of her own. Her voice penetrates to the heart of the listener – opening, healing and transporting to a place of deep peace. Rachel allows music to use her as an agent of personal and social change. Her performances are universally praised for their power and beauty.

Of all the gifts and offerings that I have been presented with over the years, no one has ever written a song for me. You were great, thank you!

Bill Clinton

Former US President

You summed up my entire talk in 6 minutes.

Dr. Wayne Dyer

American self-help author and motivational speaker

You have a truly beautiful gift.

The Rev. Dr. Matthew Fox

Renowned Theologian

Soul stirring.

Ann Mortifee

Singer-songwriter, writer and speaker

My son wrote ‘The Prayer’ and you sang it as beautifully as I have ever heard.

David Foster's mother

After a show with Romanza in Victoria